Here's What I'm All About...

Hey there – I'm Lars, a music creator and catalog builder from Norway. After 25 years in the international music industry (yes, I am that old), I now live on a vineyard in the south of France with my wife, Emelie, and our two youngest children, Lily and Lukas. I spend my time writing and producing music in the studio I built in one of the farmhouses here, or traveling with my family.

I am also the founder of the Music Income Academy, dedicated to teaching people like you how to create a stable income and build a free and meaningful life from music.

While you might assume our dream home and relaxed lifestyle in France are funded by hit songs or artist management success, the truth is quite different. Our move became possible because of something unique: a steady, scalable, and growing cashflow machine built during the COVID years.

I now make a very good living from this setup, working only a few hours a week, and I have lots of time to spend with my family doing what I truly enjoy.

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Your Vision Is Our Mission

Why do we do what we do? We want to impact as many people as possible. How? By helping music creators succeed.

We’ll know we’ve succeeded when:

  • You are not stressed out from constantly chasing new gigs, sessions, song placements, and unpredictable royalty payments.
  • There are no more 100-hour work weeks without direction on how to scale your income from music.
  • You have an income machine based on your creative passion that's working for you 24/7, freeing up your time to live a good life.

At the Music Income Academy, we act as advisors for other music creators. Through our programs, we help them scale rapidly, improve their income streams, and create a lifestyle that lights them up.

What Drives Me

My goal is to help music creators grow their businesses beyond what they thought possible, creating a massive impact that ripples out into the world through their music.

My goals for you inside the Catalog Lab™:

  • No more 100-hour weeks without being financially rewarded accordingly.
  • No more directionless days.
  • No more living life stressed out.
  • No more second-guessing every decision.

I want what you want... a thriving business and a life you love, so you have time to do what you really want to do, without the stress! As a music creator, you have a strong advantage. You can build a strategic music catalog that not only carries the financial burden but also transforms your life. Let me teach you how.

Learn more about the Catalog Lab™
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